Commit 7e2dd6c5 authored by Matthew Smith's avatar Matthew Smith
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add 0.9.0 to changelog

parent 94a1d022
openvpn-server (0.9.0) lucid precise xeniel; urgency=low
* Upgrade dhparam strength to 4096
* Set cipher AES-256-CBC in server conf and client conf template
* Add paramaters to build client certs instead of interactively
* Add 'at' to package prerequsites
* Add common name to email subject
* Add ccd dir creation to post install script
-- Sol1 Packages <> Fri, 22 May 2018 16:11:00 +1000
openvpn-server (0.8.6) hardy lucid precise; urgency=low
* Update status function to favor status-version 2 setting
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