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Add convenience wrapper for running playbooks in docker.

parent 2c320f54
function err {
echo "ERROR: $@"
exit 1
# Check for Docker
which docker &>/dev/null || err "Docker is required to run Ansible playbooks."
# Validate the Docker image is available (assuming images are named)
docker images | awk "{ print \$1 \":\" \$2 }" | grep "$1" &>/dev/null || err "Could not find Docker image: $docker_image"
# Create symlinks to previous directory (assumes the influxdb module is in a module directory)
# module_dirs="$(ls -1 ../)"
# echo "Creating symlinks for each folder in '$(dirname $current_directory)' so that Ansible can find them..."
# for dir in ${module_dirs[@]}; do
# test -h ./$dir && err "Stopping due to current directory containing symlink $dir"
# test -d ./$dir && err "Stopping due to current directory containing dir $dir"
# ln -s ../$dir $dir
# done
echo "Running in Docker: $@"
docker run \
--rm \
-v $(pwd):/root \
# Remove symlinks so that current directory is clean
# echo "Clearing symlinks..."
# for dir in ${module_dirs[@]}; do rm $dir; done
exit 0
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