Commit 9617778f authored by Ross McDonald's avatar Ross McDonald
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Swap service check for wait for port.

parent ca292ab8
......@@ -14,22 +14,13 @@
when: influxdb_start_service
- name: Pause to ensure InfluxDB service is up
seconds: 5
host: "{{ influxdb_bind_hostname }}"
port: "{{ influxdb_http_port }}"
delay: 5
timeout: 30
when: influxdb_started.changed and influxdb_start_service
- name: Collect service status
command: service influxdb status
register: influxdb_service_status
when: influxdb_start_service
ignore_errors: yes
- name: Assert status of InfluxDB service
- "influxdb_service_status.rc == 0"
when: influxdb_start_service
- include: demo.yml
tags: [influxdb, demo]
when: influxdb_load_sample_data and influxdb_http_auth_enabled == "false" and influxdb_start_service
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