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An Ansible role to install, configure, and manage [InfluxDB]( (a time-series database).
An Ansible role to install, configure, and manage [InfluxDB]( (a time-series database) v0.9 instances.
......@@ -34,20 +34,14 @@ influxdb_cluster_servers: no
# When clustering is enabled, whether or not to overwrite the /etc/hosts file with raw
# IPs (may be useful if no DNS resolution).
influxdb_overwrite_hosts_file: yes
# Whether to load sample data (randomly generated integers) into a test database
# NOTE: sample data cannot be loaded if authentication is enabled
influxdb_load_sample_data: no
influxdb_sample_database_name: sample_database
influxdb_sample_measurement_name: random_ints
influxdb_sample_num_points: 20
More advanced configuration options are stored in the `defaults/main.yml` file, which includes all of the necessary bells and whistles to tweak your configuration. The entire InfluxDB configuration defaults are set using the `defaults/main.yml` file. You may override these via inventory vars, playbook vars, or extra vars.
No other dependencies are required.
No other Ansible dependencies are required. This role was tested and developed with Ansible 1.9.4.
Example Playbook
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