Commit 22fb3104 authored by Ross McDonald's avatar Ross McDonald
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Updated stress command to send results data to specified endpoint.

parent 5c70b92e
......@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@
when: influxdb_run_stress
- name: Run stress tool
command: influx_stress -config {{ influxdb_configuration_dir }}/stress.toml
command: influx_stress -config {{ influxdb_configuration_dir }}/stress.toml {% if influxdb_stress_metric_endpoint != None %}-addr "{{ influxdb_stress_metric_endpoint }}" {% endif %}{% if influxdb_stress_metric_database != None %}-database "{{ influxdb_stress_metric_database }}" {% endif %}{% if influxdb_stress_metric_tags != None %}-tags "{{ influxdb_stress_metric_tags }}" {% endif %}
register: influx_stress_run
when: influxdb_run_stress
- name: Display run output
- name: Display stress results output
var: influx_stress_run.stdout
when: influxdb_run_stress
......@@ -22,6 +22,12 @@ influxdb_template_configuration: yes
# If yes, will run a templatized stress test against a target instance
influxdb_run_stress: no
# Destination for influx_stress metrics (ie http://localhost:8086)
# Destination database for influx_stress metrics
# Tag string to pass to influx_stress (ie tag1=orange,tag2=banana)
# If supplied, will check for presence of database, and error if not found (useful for upgrade
# testing).
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