Unverified Commit 1ff89c5f authored by Nathan Glover's avatar Nathan Glover
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Fixed issue with new Influx version numbering throwing out Ansible runtime version retrieval

parent 165b10ad
......@@ -18,6 +18,6 @@
- name: Capture InfluxDB version, branch, and commit
influxdb_runtime_version: "{{ influxdb_runtime_version_raw.stdout.split()[1] }}"
influxdb_runtime_version: "{{ influxdb_runtime_version_raw.stdout.split()[1].replace('v','') }}"
influxdb_runtime_branch: "{{ influxdb_runtime_version_raw.stdout.split()[3] }}"
influxdb_runtime_commit: "{{ influxdb_runtime_version_raw.stdout.split()[4] }}"
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