Commit 6185d256 authored by David Kempe's avatar David Kempe
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added totp support

parent f5a345a4
......@@ -8,4 +8,7 @@
- import_tasks: install_guacamole_client.yml
- import_tasks: install_guacamole_mysql_authentication.yml
- import_tasks: ldap_auth.yml
when: ldap_auth_enable == true
- import_tasks: totp_auth.yml
when: totp_2fa_enable == true
- import_tasks: configure_guacamole.yml
- name: Retrieving guacamole-auth-totp-{{ guacamole_version }}
url:{{ guacamole_version }}/binary/guacamole-auth-totp-{{ guacamole_version }}.tar.gz
dest: /tmp/
- name: Unarchiving guacamole-auth-totp-{{ guacamole_version }}
src: /tmp/guacamole-auth-totp-{{ guacamole_version }}.tar.gz
dest: /tmp/
copy: no
- name: Install guacamole-auth-totp-{{ guacamole_version }}.jar
src: /tmp/guacamole-auth-totp-{{ guacamole_version }}/guacamole-auth-totp-{{ guacamole_version }}.jar
dest: /etc/guacamole/extensions/
remote_src: yes
become: true
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