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Allow downloading guac server tarball from some other repo

For example if you can't connect directly to the internet and need to
get it from a local mirror
parent 3a189235
guacamole_version: 1.1.0
guacamole_server_source: "{{ guacamole_version }}/source/guacamole-server-{{ guacamole_version }}.tar.gz"
guacamole_db_user: guacamole
guacamole_db_password: 'foo'
guacamole_db_name: guacamole_db
author: Alex Feigenson (alexfeig)
description: Ansible role for installing Apache Guacamole on Ubuntu 16.04 with MariaDB for authentication
description: Ansible role for installing Apache Guacamole on Debian 10 with MariaDB for authentication
license: MIT
min_ansible_version: 2.4
- name: Ubuntu
- name: Debian
- xenial
- buster
- guacamole
- name: Retrieving guacamole-server-{{ guacamole_version }}.tar.gz
url:{{ guacamole_version }}/source/guacamole-server-{{ guacamole_version }}.tar.gz
url: "{{ guacamole_server_source }}"
dest: /tmp/
- name: Unarchiving guacamole-server-{{ guacamole_version }}.tar.gz
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