Commit 295de8d7 authored by Oliver Lowe's avatar Oliver Lowe
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Let caller update apt cache themselves

No need for a role to do it
Then we only had one task in the file, so just put it in main
parent 553c3030
- name: Updating apt repos
update_cache: 'yes'
become: 'true'
changed_when: false
- name: Installing required packages
pkg: "{{ guacamole_apt_install }}"
state: present
become: 'true'
- import_tasks: install_packages.yml
- name: Install dependency packages
become: yes
name: "{{ guacamole_apt_install }}"
state: present
- import_tasks: install_guacamole_server.yml
- import_tasks: install_guacamole_client.yml
- import_tasks: install_guacamole_mysql_authentication.yml
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