Commit 6802b59b authored by David Kempe's avatar David Kempe
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Change log for 0.8.5

parent 3c69ba5f
openvpn-server (0.8.5) hardy lucid precise; urgency=low
* Update sol1-deploy.nsi to allow for different download url's
* Update sol1-deploy.nsi to extract config files before exiting if url borked
* Change output names for built vpn files
* Fix intermitant bug in make-static-ip
* Make variable names more consistant
* Remove '_' from .deb file names to prevent errors
-- Sol1 Packages <> Fri, 21 Mar 2016 13:45:00 +1000
openvpn-server (0.8.4) hardy lucid precise; urgency=low
* Fix bug in ovs make-static-ip
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