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# OpenVPN Server
OpenVPN Server is set of tools to help manage OpenVPN, including scripts to build the Certificate Authority, manage clients, revoke certs etc.
Features include:
* Initial setup questions to get you started quickly with CA and networking
* Shorewall intergration so you can address VPN Clientnames as shorewall params
* Build certificates for Windows (yes it spits our an exe file), Debian, Generic clients ``ovs build*``
* Revoke certs ``ovs status``
* Get status of who is connected and current bandwidth ``ovs status``
* Can optionally have the CA encrypted with a passphrase and a session timeout
* Lighweight, mostly written in bash
This tool has been around in active use for over 10 years at Sol1. Long enough to have the initial CA expiry of 10 years run out for some customers!
Further development is underway, and some bug fixes, packaging improvements and a few new features are being developed.
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