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# Enhanced email notifications for Icinga2
Provides a html email notification for Icinga2. The content of the email contains information
about the host and service from Icinga2, Grafana and Netbox when configured.
The minimum required for enhanced emails to function is Icinga2.
## Installation
1. Copy the `enhanced-mail-*.conf` files to the icinga2 config directory `/etc/icinga2/conf.d/` or `/etc/icinga2/zones.d/`
1. Copy `` to `/etc/icinga2/scripts/`
1. Edit `/etc/icinga2/scripts/` and
1. add the email server settings
1. add the URL's and API keys for icinga2, grafana and netbox.
1. **set url's values for services you don't need to `''` to prevent those sections being added to the emails**
1. add `vars.notification["mail"] = { users = ["person"] }` to a host or service
1. check config and restart
_Or you can add notifications your own way, `` and `enhance-mail-command.conf` contain the basics_
## Enhancements
Grafana and Netbox have classes, which handle most of the work dealing with those services, in an attempt to keep the code for
manage data from these services in one place.
Enhancements to the existing external services or new services are encouraged to
use classes for maintainability.
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