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......@@ -8,13 +8,15 @@ The minimum required for enhanced emails to function is Icinga2.
1. Copy the `enhanced-mail-*.conf` files to the icinga2 config directory `/etc/icinga2/conf.d/` or `/etc/icinga2/zones.d/`
1. Copy `` to `/etc/icinga2/scripts/`
1. Edit `/etc/icinga2/scripts/` and
1. make sure the path to python matches your system path = `which python`
1. add the email server settings
1. add the URL's and API keys for icinga2, grafana and netbox.
1. **set url's values for services you don't need to `''` to prevent those sections being added to the emails**
1. install dependant libraries in `requirements.txt`
1. add `vars.notification["mail"] = { users = ["person"] }` to a host or service
1. check config and restart
_Or you can add notifications your own way, `` and `enhance-mail-command.conf` contain the basics_
_Or you can apply notifications your own way, `` and `enhance-mail-command.conf` contain the basics_
## Enhancements
Grafana and Netbox have classes, which handle most of the work dealing with those services, in an attempt to keep the code for
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